Josemon George

Photo_Josemon.jpgJosemon completed his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at ANU in 2019. He is working on new synthetic strategies to generate highly constrained bicyclic peptides that act as structurally pre-organised protease inhibitors. Josemon is also exploring new chemical strategies for protein bioconjugation.


Higher degree research students

Richard Morewood

Richard MorewoodRichard graduated with a BPharmSci(Hons) from Monash University and joined the group in 2019. He is working on antiviral agents to combat infectious diseases caused by alphaviruses like Chikungunya or Ross River fever. Richard is also exploring new chemical strategies for peptide macrocyclisation.



Visiting students

Barbara Schroeder

Barbara is a visiting PhD student from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. She is working on new strategies for protein-templated fragment ligation chemistry to generate inhibitors that target Zika virus and bacterial drug resistance.

Saan Voss

Saan graduated in pharmacy from the Free University of Berlin, Germany and joined our group in 2019. He is investigating synergistic effects between allosteric and competitive inhibitors of the Zika virus protease.


Undergraduate research students

Dylan Siow-Lee

DylanDylan is a PhB student at ANU and joined our lab for an advanced studies course in 2019. He is developing unnatural amino acids that allow the generation of highly constrained bicyclic peptides.






Tim Sarter

TimTim was a visiting pharmacy student from Heidelberg University, Germany who joined our lab in 2019. He characterised the interactions of cyclic peptide inhibitors and small molecules with the protease from Zika virus.